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umm i don't know what to say.. everyone that reads this probably knows me anyway..
I have ten! lorikeets who are my babies Scuddy (rainbow), Teenie Weenie Greenie (normal scaly breasted) Loki (olive scaly), Ari (olive Scaly), Rook (rainbow) Lily (hybrid scaly rainbow), Marley (rainbow), Honey (rainbow), Neeps (normal scaly) and Wes my bubby (rainbow). I love my dog Banjo. I am into reptiles and birds of prey and most animals really. I work in customer service..... I grow orchids, carnivourous plants and bromeliads. Im a huge fantasy geek and have heaps of books. I am obsessed with Neil Gaiman's books and Sandman. I love comics. I love gaming and pretty much all consoles especially my super nes <3 I play WoW on Kiljaeden.

anyway i don't want to go on and on so...