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So busy  
12:31am 13/12/2014
i have 26 animals at my house at the moment. Mostly birds but possum dogs and bunnies too. I bought a set of triple bay suspended aviaries and tomorrow the eclectus goes out into one. Then I just need to decide who else is going out. Raph passed away from reproductive issues or cancer neither of which I had any hope saving considering she was s bird I had no history on. That left Neeps alone and I have been attempting to get him a friend so he can go outside. So I got Kaya who is a double factor pied rainbow baby and he isn't sure about her. Skippy and Cassia can't go out because they are single birds and won't do well in an aviary on their own. I have two tail-less keets a rainbow and a scaly in, I have a feeling some breeder abandoned them so I have to decide what to do. I have another baby rainbow who is skinny and has an injured eye I'm hoping it will get well and be Kayas friend soon. It's name is Raggamuffin. I have a male ringtail possum that I saved off the roads one night. He's doing really well and I hope to release him tomorrow.
I can't wait to get my bird room properly clean and also have a decent quantine area. still need the fences in fircthe dogs ,which starts tomorrow!
My friends bird will go home soon which will free the place up a bit.
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03:17pm 08/02/2014

I sucked it up and decided to sell most of my grand champion horse collection. I hate parting with toys I really like but with a big move in the future at some point and the fact that I need money I talked myself into it...

Some of the grand champion horses makes quite a bit of money so I would suggest if anyone see's any in thrift shops, buy them if they are cheap just in case. I made $400 from horses I had sitting in with my toy collection for years and didn't even sell my favourites..

Some of the $400 is going towards buying a soft release aviary for the possums when they grow up.

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(no subject)  
02:49pm 08/02/2014
I'm going to start trying to use this again, I can't believe its been so long. The last year and a half hasn't stopped and losing Dad threw a spanner in the works and I haven't been able to feeling anything like normal.

I'm so lucky I have a few of your lovely ladies on facebook and I love seeing the things happen in your lives. I have a 'stalker' on facebook (and people from work) so I don't post too much there and even then I lock the stalker out of lots of stuff.

I have 21 birds now, 4 dogs, a bunny (which I can't talk about on facebook because they are illegal) and I'm raising a pair of ringtail possum twins. I'm not overwhelmed and I have been doing a lot of release for wildlife and rehoming of parrots that I end up with that aren't Lorys/Lorikeets. I am starting to take on special care 'exotic' lorys that aren't fit for breeders so they don't want them. I have to keep my mouth shut about some things as I don't believe in breeding animals for profit and I am in the good books with breeders who would just euth these birds if I didn't take them.

I need to make myself a note about things I want to remember and write about.
All the birds
update about the dogs
losing grandma
hoping to buy a house
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(no subject)  
11:25am 15/08/2012
I just realised that I haven't updated since I moved here!

lots has happened....
Have a male Eclectus parrot staying because he is lost, it's been over a month and I can't find his owner so he will be moving on to someone soon (either parks and wildlife who will put him in a zoo or give him to a breeder, or If I can find someone good in the parrot community to take him who already has eccies they can have him). He isn't tame but he talks and make alot of crazy noises. I like him but I know he would have a better life somewhere with someone not distracted by 15 lorikeets.
I got a gamble and put the two single rainbows, Dr Worm and the The Bug into a cage together. Luckily it went really well and they like each other heaps. That means one less cage and two happier birds!
I have arranged to purchase another two suspended aviaries and the olive scalies and The Bug and The Doctor will go outside. That will mean only 4 birds in the house!
Cassia is having a super molt, prob from the stress of moving and not living in the computer room with me anymore. I was worried she was sick at first but her feathers are coming in perfectly. You can't even tell she ever had a broken leg now. Poor little sweetheart, she is such a nice bird. So different from the lorikeets I have. I have a feeling Caiques would have personalities alot like hers.
I picked up another random aviary at a garage sale for $20. It needs some work and some bits replaced so I don't think I would put my birds in it but it will be fine as a rehab aviary for wildlife :D
Got a six foot carpet python off my suspended aviaries two weeks ago, luckily Honey was making a bunch of noise and calling out to me at night time or I wouldn't have known it was there.
I have wild quails on my property! 8 of them! So cute!
Cloud is still here.. She worked out how to jump the fence so we had to make the fences about 8 foot high because the neighbour here is a fruitcake and is scared of dogs. I really really hope she gets a home soon...
Hurt my ribs again at work so I have been home for about two weeks, I got back to work Thursday.
The real estate from the other house I was in ripped me off about $500 from my bond. That was an on-going saga that really fucked up my anxiety. It's done now and I really hope the next place I move from here is something I buy.
Most of my orchids survived the move and seem to be doing well here, there is an orchid show this weekend I might go to.
Yesterday I planted passionfriut and birdwing butterfly vines along the fence we put up to help give some privacy from stupid woman next door. Grow quick my pretties!
There are microbats, bandicoot, two types of wallabies, possums, so many bird (including wedge tailed eagles), at least 3 types of frogs and a hare that live on my property. That's only what I have found so far! Summer will be interesting..
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02:12pm 17/06/2012
On Wednesday I pick up the keys to move to a new place. Just renting still but it's on 10 acres!!! They didn't even ask me how many birds I have on the application... I can have chickens and ducks and even a horse if I want!! Vege garden!! It's a really cool little place and has two dog fenced house yards as well as the land in general, which mean Cloud will have her own little yard because she is still a bit boisterous to be left alone with the other two dogs. The whole 10 acres isn't really useable because alot of it is busland and there is an abandoned house that is falling to bits and is a hazard, but thats ok because it's more about the privacy and not having dumb fuck neighbors. I heard a rooster while I was there! roosters aren't technically allowed by the council but if no one complains no one minds so that is a good sign! I want a couple of ex-battery hens to go with my chickens, I figure even if they don't get long and we end up having to euth them (which MC can do) at least they got some nice time.

Packing up this place has been crazy, we have so much shit to throw out. Hoping to borrow a ute and trailer on Thursday for a run to the rubbish tip. Have to get the carpets here cleaned, most likely twice because the agent is a bit of a pain. I'm scared what they are goingt o say about my bond and the floors, the wooden floors are unsealed and stain from anything getting on them so they are a bit of a mess. I don't know how I was supposed to avoid that though, kinda unfair. They were a disgrace anyway they have carpet glue and stuff on them so maybe it won't be an issue. Moving the aviaries is going to be hectic and I have to catch all the birds out. I'm going to be so attacked. I only haave 2 days off work and the weekend to do it but MC should have more leave so hopefully it will be ok. I will be so exhausted.
tags: moving
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Doctor Worm  
02:01pm 17/06/2012
another belated update..

Had another rainbow lorikeet come in. My partner picked it up at work one day, it would have been taken to the RSPCA and sold to someone who would prob feed it seed if I didn't let it stay. Dr Worm was obviously someone's unwanted pet, she does kisses noises, mumbles something and doesn't mind too much about being handled. She was so malnourised and skinny and in horrible condition when he brought her here. They seem to get to a point where they just give up and wait to die, I get them like that all the time. The first time I gave her food she ate for about 20 minutes straight. She STUNK, she overly sweet stinky and ate all the time, about 4 times as much as a keet should. I don't think she would have lasted long as whoever pet she was. But I have had her about 3 weeks now and she eats only a little more than  the others and doesn't stink anymore. I was so close to taking her to the vet because she would have had a tapeworm for sure and something had to be causing that smell. She is so much better, she is happy to be alive again. She bathes and talks to me and tips her food dish over so she can tap on it. I am really hoping she will live with Buggo. Once I move I am getting more aviaries built and the olive boys and maybe Bug and her can go in. Bug is really full on so I hope he will accept another bird.
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08:04pm 11/06/2012
Cloud is still with us and doing amazingly well. She still freaks out a bit in public places but she isn't dangerous just flinchy and scared. She has put on weight and now you can really tell she is an American Bulldog. She is the biggest dog here now, people used to mistake her and Link and but not anymore. She is 29 kilo so still a bit to go. She is so funny she gets so excited when she gets to run in the yard, she really wants to play but isnt really sure how so just tries to initiate chase games. She has her own pink collar we bought her now and a green winter coat. She gets a bit of seperation anxiety when MC goes to the shops or something so we are going to have to work though that. Link has basically accepted her and only ever gets upset now if Cloud is already in trouble for zooming into the house (which she isn't allowed yet) . She jumped right on him the other day and he didn't even growl, so much improvement from a boy who wold try to attack every time he saw her. I gave her a pizza crust the other night and it got all stuck in her spaced out bulldog teeth and she had to wibble her lips around to get it out, it was super cute.
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07:40pm 11/06/2012
I have another new Lorikeet, 'she' is a Musk Lorikeet. Her name is Raphael and she was somebodies escaped/released pet that they never bothered to look for. The vet that sends me birds said that she wasn't tame and that she would be a good aviary bird but she is tame and talks and I can give her scratches. She is very cute. I am really hoping that she will live with neeps, I have had them together a couple of times and he is a bit wary but they don't fight so it's promising. She has a parrot society legband so I know she is captive bred and not a wild bird. She has a little jellyfish toy that she really loves.
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Cloud American bulldog  
06:09pm 20/05/2012
I have heaps of updates to do so these are going to be a bit random...

Cloud is an American bulldog that my partner had to try and catch one day at work because she has been living in the bush (his job is animal management). He caught her but she was so scared she smashed herself up so he let her go so she din't hurt herself more. She was brought into his pound a few days later and was too scared to let anyone near her. She was never aggressive just very scared and would throw herself into her pen and hurt herself when they went near. She had very obviously been beaten for most of her life and was very underweight. My partner worked with her in the time she was there and she tamed down a lot. He could feed her and pat her and she let him get ticks off. She was in the pound for 10 days then she is sent to the RSPCA.Having worked there before he knew she wouldn't pass her behaviour test there because she was so scared and that they would put her down rather than rehome her, so he asked them to hold her for awhile and desex and microchip her while he tried to find a home with experience and time. We had no luck finding her a home and eventually MC had her taken back to his pound.

We bought a guard dog pen so that she could foster her and her behaviour would get even better while we looked for a home. She can't come in here with our dogs because Link is dog aggressive. We bought her a warm coat and a kennel, bowls and toys. The first night she was here she was fine in her pen and everything was ok. Second night she cried. So MC brought all her stuff onto our verandah which is gated and has a door to the house that shuts. Link went crazy everytime he saw her for a few hours but eventually got over it, which he needed badly anyway so it has been ok. She is really nice and you would hardly know she is a problem dog anymore except that things startle her like loud noises or things she doesn't know. She isn't dog aggressive at all and we have been able to let her play with Banjo. She has been pretty content out there but now she is being a bit naughy and sometimes scratches to come in. Link can sniff her now but you can tell they are edgy so we aren't ready to let them be together. MC wants to keep her because he doesn't trust she can get a good home....
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01:32pm 10/04/2012
Ribs started hurting again so i'm home on workcover. I have had xrays and they show nothing. See a specialist tomorrow, not sure what will come of that.

Birds are all well, Honey and Rook's baby is a recognisable lorikeet now and is named Oscar because he is grouchy! He attacks me with his tiny beak when I put my hand in the nest box. I will have to start handling him more or he won't be my friend when he grows up. He is big and healthy it's really good, pretty special for being born in a budgie nest box.

Blackcapped is still doing really well. You would hardly notice that she had a fractured leg anymore, she doesn't quite grip as hard as the others but that's all. She is still small at 160ish grams when she should be around 200+ but I don't really expect her to get much heavier because she has settled on this weight so she will just be a little girl. She is the sweetest little girl, she still begs for food and is only now just starting to play. She hasn't worked out the bed i bought her yet but I hope she does in time for winter. She loves her toys and is practising  talking.

Still looking to move since the landlord knocked me back on paying half for a good fence since Link and the neighbors dog hate each other. I get so down looking because we can't afford to buy and what we need is pretty specific with all the birds and the dogs. Basically we need land, with a fenced section. Depressing.

My brother that asked me for a lorikeet a year ago has decided that they are too much work and he doesn't really want it. That was the youngest keet I had raised and was super sweet and calm. I paid for it to be shipped to Sydney and everything. They are talking about rehoming the poor thing so I think I will have to get him sent back to me. I don't trust other people (in general) with birds and really hoped my dad would step in if my brother wasn't doing the right thing, but apparently my dad doesn't like responsibility (surprise). So when that keet comes back that makes 14. Hopefully because I raised it and let it live with Neeps for awhile they can go back together but there is no way to know, so it may mean another cage. I already have 5 cages in the house and the three aviaries outside. I can handle the work involved it's just the fact that there are so many and not really supposed to be inside. I would buy more aviaries if i knew what was happening. The olives could go outside and so could neeps and my brothers one if they accept each other. Otherwise Buggo could go outside, he isn't tame anyway so that would be fine. Why do house prices here have to be so disgusting? I don't mind living far away from work and travelling, I don't need a fancy house, not even a big house since I am not having kids but at the very least I would be looking at 350k....
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